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Complete Web-based ERP
Experience Everything
at RM200/month

Use easily, and check everything immediately!

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Any entered data are immediately reflected on real-time reports.
Check each current status in real-time.
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Customize menus to your taste!

Customize menus
to your taste!

Menus can be easily re-configured
for your use.
Select and use only the menus you need.
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More than 60,000 enterprises throughout all industries
are already using ECOUNT.

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Why do so many enterprises choose ECOUNT ERP?

  • 100% Web-Based
    Use anytime, anywhere, and on any device
    with Internet access
  • No additional cost per user
    No additional cost per user
    Authorization settings by ID
    History tracking per ID
  • Free additional services
    Various additional services provided,
    including mobile App and
    company messenger
  • Free Upgrades
    Weekly function upgrades
    New feature updates
    Customer feature feedback
  • Free training provided
    Real-time online support
    Video tutorial and many more
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