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ERP Implementation Manager

Reason for ERP Implementation Failure

Executives - Afraid to Change the Old Ways

Whether it be big or even small, changes are bound to happen with the implementation of a new ERP into a company.
However, there are so many out there who are afraid to face these changes.
If employees are afraid to change for the better, implementation of a new ERP system will always end up failing.
Even if it does not fail, there is a high chance that it will only be used partially within a company.

CEOs or executives of SMEs are the perfect fit for introducing ERP to their company, and enough support and attention must be given for the smooth transitions if an employee is in charge of the implementation process.

Factors for Failure of Customized In-House ERPs

After implementing a specially customized and developed ERP, there are common rumors and facts about its price.
Due to its unexpected variances, the third party developing company may require a higher cost than what was previously agreed on.

This is why it is crucial to understand your own needs before making final implementation decision.
It could lead to a bigger failure - wasting both time and money - if you do not request your requirements fully.
Taking some time to think about the functions you would really need is also a crucial step before implementation.

Implementing a Program that Lacks Functions

A simple program that can manage only journal entry for money going in and out, or manage only inventory in and out can lead to frustration as the company grows.
They will start to feel that the lack of functions are blocking their company from growing.
Do not get too attracted in such cases.
1) Make sure you see with your own eyes whether it is really a program that can suit all the needs at your company.
2) Check whether the program can grow with your company, not stay back where you first started.

  • when the scope of work gets wider and the number of workers increse, can it still be used?
  • when multiple IDs are added, is authorization setup easy to do?
  • even though you may need accounting now, if you need functions related to inventory, would you be able to use it together? (vice versa)
  • even though you may be only using a small part of functions related to inventory, would you be able to expand to other parts of inventory management such as after service management, prodcution and quality control?

Why Do Companies that Choose ECOUNT
Have Higher Implementation Success Rate?

Easy Setup and Quick to Learn

  • You can hide all those unncessary menus that you will not be using.
    Menu by each individual can also be set, for example, menu by sales manager, purchasing manager and so on.
    Simplified menu range will help with getting used to the program quickly.
  • Customer list, item list and transaction details can be uploaded by batch with Excel Uploader.
    When you switch from another program to ECOUNT, you can easily upload data easily.
  • Perfect customer support services are always there for you until you get used to the program.
    With professional help from our team, you will get the hang of it in no time.
    • Customer Call Services: If there is anything you need to know
    • 2 Free Training Services: Professional trainer from ECOUNT will give training on how to use the program well
    • Video Tutorial: Various levels and themes available for video tutorials
    • Remote Services: Consultation can be done with screen-sharing and remote-support.
Easy Setup and Quick to Learn

Implementing a System With Everything You Will Ever Need

  • All Functions of an ERP
    ECOUNT offers all functions a company would need, ranging from inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchases and even payroll.
    These will be applied to your company without any trouble.
  • Start Using Right Now
    You can start using ECOUNT right after you subscribe online on our homepage, without having to go through development process or installing period.
  • Sustainable System
    ECOUNT offers all functions and unlimited users, which means that even if your company grows both in size and workload, it is ready to grow with you.