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Chart of Accounts

A good account system is essential for accounting operations.
With our account system, add and edit accounts for your company and make your accounting work more efficient.


  • You can easily register your account.
  • You can subdivide and manage the accounts.

Main Features

  • Account Settings

    • In our account system, you can add unlimited number of account to suit your company.
    • Using the copy function, you can easily register a new account without having to set the complicated settings.
    • No need to set up all the basic accounts. The basic chart of accounts is already set up in ERP.
  • Entry Account Segmentation

    • Various remarks codes can be set for one account, allowing to segment an account without creating a few separate accounts.
    • View account system reports with remarks codes set for each account.
    • Remarks codes are useful if you use one account for multiple cost types.
Chart of Accounts