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Contract Management

As for contracts that require regular billing such as service fees, royalties and rentals, use our contract management feature and minimize unnecessary duplicate work for repetitive billing.


  • Set up your company's own contract types.
  • As for long-term contracts, with one initial setup, you can create bills regularly.
  • Multiple contracts can be invoiced at once.

Main Features

  • Optimized Contract Management

    • Contract types can be registered according to contract amount, billing frequency and contract characteristics.
      (Ex. subscription fee, royalties, down payment, etc.) The entry fields for entering a newly occurred contract can be setup.
  • Regular Billing Setup

    • Just by entering billing due date and billing end date, when registering a new contract, the amount and billing date are automatically set according to the settings.
    • When the terms of an existing contract are changed, you can collectively modify the quantity and price.
  • Collective Invoicing

    • Based on the expected billing month and billing date, you can collectively invoice multiple contracts.
    • View the contracts that have not been invoiced yet in Pre-invoicing Status, and immediately bill them.
Contract Management