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Financial Reports

Executives need to quickly review the reports they need, to make decisions.
Quickly see the data you need, to make decisions anytime, anywhere, through ECOUNT accounting software.


  • Provide all the necessary books for business management.
  • You can check the reports you need anytime, anywhere.
  • Provides reports in a variety of formats.

Main Features

  • Reports for Management

    • You can immediately check the reports required for management decisions such as the Cash Report, Fund Statement, Monthly Income Statement, etc.
    • You can receive daily management reports by e-mail without accessing ECOUNT.
  • Check Real-Time Reports

    • With only Internet connection, you can check the status of your business from anywhere.
    • You can check the situation in real time from outside, and you can give work instructions in a timely manner.
    • Use the Mobile App available with our accounting software for an access anytime anywhere.
  • Provide Various Reports

    • ECOUNT accounting software can give you a custom report.
    • Tables, graphs, etc. can be easily checked in your favorite form.
    • You can easily check the desired business data of various periods, such as past, present and all.
  • Export & Send Outside

    • A good accounting software must be compatible with other softwares as well.
    • Export the reports of ECOUNT accounting software in an Excel file.
    • Send reports via email to your customers and receive reports in your own email account.
Financial Reports