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AR/AP Management

For any corporation, It is crucial to precisely manage payables and receivables related to credit transactions.
When sales/purchases occur, you can lessen the burden of additionally working on receivables/payables by linking with accounting functions.


  • AR/AP by Customer reports are automatically created.
  • View AR/AP details by your desired conditions.

Main Features

  • Receivables/Payables Management

    • Just enter in your transactions, and then ECOUNT ERP will automatically manage the details of AR/AP by customer.
    • Manage your receivables/payables without missing anything, by linking with sales/purchase menus easily.
  • Search by Condition

    • View ECOUNT's AR/AP status reports by various conditions such as date, PIC, and customer.
    • Various useful reports such as AR/AP Aging and AR/AP Balance Analysis are provided as standard.
AR/AP Management