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Accounting Software Malaysia Supports SST

Different tax codes can be managed according to Malaysian SST rate for each transaction and items.
Tax amount and payable amount can be checked at a glance in various reports.


  • Tax codes and SST rates can be customized and set to be in the program by default.
  • SST amount can be checked in various sales, purchases and accounting related reports.

Main Features

  • Registering Tax Rate

    • The functionality in user-customization enables you to register different type of tax rate whenever you need it.
    • Not only different SST rate, you can also set the SST rate based on location, item, customer/vendor.
  • Automatic Tax Rate Adjustment to Transaction

    • It enables allocating any SST type for each transaction.
    • Tax type will automatically adjust the SST rate based on the tax setting.
  • Various Types of Reports of Sales/Purchases

    • Printing [Tax Invoice] including SST amount.
    • Searching Sales / Purchase data based on SST type.
    • Exporting to Excel file for all the reports that you need → Collecting evidence easily.