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Affordable Price Reduce your financial burden with ECOUNT which is only RM 200/month,
including all functions of an ERP and no extra charges for unlimited users.

Reasons why ECOUNT is affordable

  • Choice of 70,000 companies

    Choice of 70,000 companies

    Over 70,000 companies are using ECOUNT which brings enough profit for the program to be affordable.

  • Cloud ERP

    Cloud ERP

    No extra cost for installation and additional customization because it has most of the functions.

  • One system

    One system

    Internal costs for maintenance and upgrades are relatively low because ECOUNT consists of one system.

All functions needed in a company

  • All functions such as inventory, production, accounting, sales,
    purchase, payroll, etc. are included for only RM 200/month.
  • All ERP functions are linked, allowing the whole business tasks to be
    managed just through ECOUNT ERP.
All functions needed in a company

Free upgrades and system

  • ECOUNT consists of one system which makes
    maintenance and upgrade easier.
  • Technical support like server, security, and upgrade
    is available with no additional fees.
Free upgrades and system maintenace