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Data Backups

Worried about data being lost, compromised or deleted?
ECOUNT ERP keeps your company's data secure through a complete backup system, even if you do not back up directly.


  • The data entered into ECOUNT ERP is kept tracked and if modified or deleted can show by who and when.
  • Also, various backup policies are in place with a complete backup system furnished.
  • Perform a backup of the data you have entered for your own records whenever you wish.

Main Features

  • A Complete Data Backup System

    • The data entered in ECOUNT ERP will be stored in different archives on a daily basis for precise control.
    • Data change history is kept hourly, enabling to view the changes by each hour and take proper measures.
    • The range of data backup is from the date we started ECOUNT's service to the time of the very backup, which means all data of ECOUNT are being newly backed up every day.
  • Dual Data Backup Policy

    • The data entered in ERP are stored not in a single database but in multiple databases in a distributed way.
    • This is one of our policies for keeping the service stable. If a specific server shows a problem, the service is resumed through another server.
  • Direct Backup by User

    • Users can personally select the date range and download all data within the period in an Excel file at once.
    • Useful if you keep the backup data in your own database or editing is required.
    • Only a Master ID with authorization to control ERP menus is allowed to back up data.
Data Backups