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Data Tracking

An ERP used by a large number of users must ensure a proper management and history tracking of data.
ECOUNT ERP allow track data change history and control management data more efficiently.


  • With hyperlinks provided in final reports, easily track the initial data.
  • Identify changes such as entering, modifying, or deleting data.
  • You can control the deletion and correction of data such as financial closings.

Main Features

  • Tracking Initial Data

    • You can access the input/modify screen by clicking the linked hyperlink without moving the menu in the List/Report screen.
    • It is linked step by step from the initial input slip to the final report, and it is possible to modify and delete the initial slip.
    • When an error is detected in the report, you can see who has created the slip and when it was entered by going to the first backtracked slip.
  • Track Data Change History

    • You can view the history of all data entered, modified, and deleted from accounting and inventory.
    • You can see the slip creation date, creator ID, and also the date and user ID of modification and deletion for each slip.
    • Supports Restore function to easily restore accidentally deleted slips.
  • Keep Your Closing Data from Modification

    • You can set the Ending Date of Restricted Period(EDRP) so that the data entered in the ERP cannot be edited or deleted based on a certain date or specific time point.
    • You can view the data before the limit date but you cannot input, modify or delete.
    • Particularly useful when the settlement of accounts, declaration, etc. have been completed and the closing data should not be modified or deleted.
Data Tracking