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All Features

ECOUNT provides many functions to help optimize and improve your business workflow. The software is designed to reduce redundant tasks, create sales, manage purchases, and accounting needs all in one platform.


  • ECOUNT offers all the necessary features a company needs, including inventory, production, sales, purchasing, accounting, payroll and groupware. Select only the menus you need at no extra cost.
  • All features can be customized immediately when required by changes in work environment or in staffs.

Main Features

  • An All-inclusive ERP System at an Affordable Price

    • You can use all the functions a company needs, such as inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchasing, payroll, groupware, and webmail.
    • The ERP system features cover all the work necessary for all industries including manufacturing, distribution, service-based, trading, and non-profit.
  • Easily Customize and Adapt

    • Select only the menus your company needs and conveniently use them.
    • With just a few simple settings, you can add and edit the necessary fields for your transaction data entry.
    • Also the reports, you can customize them to include item or transaction information to your desire.
  • A Scalable ERP System for the Future Years

    • Our ERP system is upgraded weekly at no extra charge, with most of all the functions required by a company already furnished.
    • Users can directly suggest their required features to us, and the ones selected in our weekly discussion are immediately reflected to the system.
    • Also, changes in the national law such as tax law are applied to the ERP system in advance, helping maintain a smooth work flow even when legal standards change.
All Features