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Input Screen Optimization

The reason why you keep using Excel despite having trouble in work-sharing,
is because in Excel you can configure the input screen to your desire and apply various formulas.
ECOUNT allows one to adjust how they enter the data and manage information.


  • Depending on each customer's work process, every ERP input screen can be customized.
  • Various entry fields are available for setting the input screen to your desire.

Main Features

  • Customize How to Enter Data

    • Add, modify, or delete input fields as you wish.
    • Set the size and fields of input fields.
    • Formulas can be applied to input fields, allowing to apply entries that require calculation such as item weight or sales incentive.
  • Additional Configuration Features

    • By adding a field of outstanding receivable in sales input screen, the receivable balance before/after the particular transaction is automatically calculated and displayed.
    • When selecting a customer or item, one can set up for data to automatically display the details of customized fields.
    • Avoid data reentry by registering Frequently Used Phrases in the input screen.
    • By assigning some fields as required fields, block saving slip/vouchers if those fields are missing.
Input Screen Optimization