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The credibility and stability of a service program provider is one of the crucial factors in choosing an ERP.
ECOUNT is a reliable and dependable company that has focused only on developing a complete Web-based ERP.


  • ECOUNT is a robust company that has continued to grow.
  • ECOUNT has optimized their infrastructure to accommodate growing and innovative industries.
  • ECOUNT prides itself over its level of security and attention to details. In addition, our price for an all inclusive ERP can't be beat.

Main Features

  • Dedicated and Reliable Software & Company

    • Since its foundation, ECOUNT has strived and focused itself only to develop a complete cloud based ERP software, and accumulated an outstanding level of relevant database.
    • We have set our price based on the amount of consistent customers we have gained, in order to make the product affordable for all.
  • Adaptable & Scalable

    • With our free weekly upgrades, we can instantly respond to the changing work environment.
    • With more than half of our employees focused on developing new features, we're focusing ourselves on the future, rather than the present.
    • A dedicated customer support is provided in various formats such as customer service center, in-field training, video tutorials and online inquiries.
  • Strong Security

    • With the acquisition of ISO 27001(International Security Certification), we're keeping a strong level of information security.
    • The data entered in ERP are securely stored in multiple databases in a distributed way.
    • To further protect your ERP data, we store our servers in Amazon Web Services(AWS), essentially blocking any unauthorized access and leakage.