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Customer Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is essential to maintaining a long-term business with customers.
Record and manage the history of all customer consultations or sales activities.


  • Register and manage all your customer relation history.
  • You can separately manage your potential clients and actual customers.

Main Features

  • Customer Information Management

    • Record information of your potential clients and actual customers and respond to customers through a consistent management flow.
    • You can select whether to share specific customer information among employees.
    • Register and manage all your customer business cards, and search them by various conditions.
  • Customer History Management

    • Manage individually the consultation history and contract progress status by each potential client and current customer in CRM board.
    • Customize the entry fields of CRM board according to your company's needs.
    • Analyze your customer data in various ways such as by period and by each condition.
    • Efficiently manage your sales and contract progress stages, from initial sales activities prior to the actual contract through closing the contract.
    • You can attach inventory slips and accounting vouchers when composing a post.
  • Separate Management of Potential Clients

    • You can manage separately the potential clients and the customers with actual transactions.
    • Easily convert a potential client into an actual ERP customer when a sale/purchase occurs from them.
    • The converted customer can be managed in ERP accounting and inventory modules.
Customer Management (CRM)