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With ECOUNT, you can combine your actual work and the approval process by using e-Approval.
Reduce duplicate work and increase work efficiency.


  • e-Approval feature can be used in connection with ERP.
  • Apply the approval draft format that your company's currently using.
  • You can embody the same approval process as your actual approval process.

Main Features

  • Integration of e-Approval and ERP

    • The approved slips and vouchers such as payment journal, quotations, and purchase orders are automatically reflected on ERP data.
    • You can import created accounting vouchers and inventory slips in ERP and attach them when composing a draft, and set them to be automatically reflected when the approval is completed.
  • Draft Template Setting

    • Apply and use the approval draft template you're currently using in Create Template menu.
    • Use the templates registered in Create Template when you compose an approval draft.
    • Increase the efficiency of your decision-making process by assigning approval methods and approval lines by each document/situation.
    • Register your own company logo and personal signature and embody your actual approval process in ERP.
  • Implementation of Approval Process

    • Check the progress by step in real-time right upon submitting your draft.
    • Use our comment function and make the communication between the drafter and the approvers easy.
    • Approve in real-time even outside the office, with our mobile App and various types of notifications.