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Outside Duty Management

Manage your outside duty status by various conditions.
Easily file and search the operation logs of your company vehicles.


  • Record the outside duty details of your employees and view the status.
  • File the major details of your vehicle operation such as vehicle user, destination, travel distance and purpose.

Main Features

  • Outside Duty Management

    • Manage your employees working in the field by recording their work details in ERP, including date, time range, employee, transport, departure point and destination.
    • Register an unlimited number of your company vehicle including long-term rental/lease cars, and manage their operation logs.
    • With ECOUNT mobile App, you can automatically your current location information (GPS) without entering in the departure point and destination.
    • By entering in the odometer values of departure and arrival, the travel distance is automatically calculated, and you can also attach odometer pictures.
    • Register the outside duty purposes(sales, commute, other duty, etc.) to suit your company's needs.
  • Vehicle Operation History Management

    • View the vehicle use history by department/employee using outside duty list.
    • Search by expenses such as gas cost/maintenance, based on the maintenance interval by vehicle and the expense fields added by template setup.
    • Export your operation history in an Excel file.
Outside Duty Management