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File Storage

With ECOUNT's Mystorage function, you can easily share and manage business documents.
Save files and images you need to share in ERP, and easily search and attach them when entering in ERP data.


  • Utilize the files and documents stored in Mystorage as reference data.
  • Insert the images registered in your Image Storage in your post contents.
  • Link the major cloud storage systems such as Google Drive and One Drive with ECOUNT.

Main Features

  • File Management by Personal Storage

    • Save the documents to be managed, and attach the files registered in Mystorage when creating posts, slips, and vouchers.
    • Mystorage list allows you to check and modify the ERP data the files are attached to.
  • Image Storage

    • Manage your company's image files separately from your document files.
    • You can search and insert the stored image files in board posts, e-Approval drafts, and various input and report screens.
    • You can register images of ERP items from the images in Image Storage.
  • Link with Cloud Services

    • If you need more capacity other then Mystorage, you can link to external cloud storage systems and use them for saving and importing data.
    • You can save and view the data stored in external storage services, without overloading ECOUNT storage capacity since the physical storages are those external systems.
    • Currently, cloud storages such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox are supported.
File Storage