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Timesheet Management

Link SECOM, KT Telecop, and Caps to ECOUNT and systematically manage your company's time attendance logs.
Import the clock in/out logs from the linked external systems into ERP.


  • Manage employee attendance and clock in/out time.
  • Print various types of reports related to employee time management.

Main Features

  • Easy Time Attendance Management

    • Manage time attendance in a simple way of just checking clock in/out checkbox when logging in and out of ECOUNT ERP.
    • Check the time of clock in/out automatically with links to external programs such as SECOM, KT Telecop, and Caps.
    • You can manage the time attendance of employees working outside the office using Outside Duty function.
  • Timesheet Report

    • Set your company's default working hours in ERP, and manage timesheet logs accordingly.
    • View easily the time attendance logs in total/daily, and by department/employee.
    • Access various reports related to timesheet such as Clock In/Out Status, Tardiness Status, and Daily Time Sheet.
    • Check all the time attendance logs including clock in/out logs, holidays and paid leaves, and schedules in one single report.
Timesheet Management