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E-Procurement Malaysia for Easy Online Ordering

Use at no extra charge our online ordering system to allow customers to directly place orders online.
ECOUNT CS Portal is an innovative system that can minimize the inefficiencies in your work such as data loss/omission, miscommunications between tasks, or delayed work.


  • It is a website where your customers directly place orders.
  • The system can be configured to fit your company's order system.
  • You can manage sales orders online.
  • You can essentially prevent the discrepancies in inventory management against your outsourcing vendors.
  • Customer communication will be much more smooth.

Main Features

  • Online Ordering System

    • It is a system where you can process sales orders, purchase orders, and outsourced production with customers such as agencies and subcontractors online.
    • Exchange transactions with your clients and vendors in real-time, and share the progress.
    • With unlimited number of IDs available to your customers, the system can be used by all your customers.
    • We provide a C-Portal app that allows customers to conveniently handle orders with smartphones and tablets.
  • User Configuration

    • Customize the menus and input screens used by your customers to suit your company's needs.
    • Give individual authorization to each customer who uses the system. (Location/store permission, access time limit, etc.)
  • Receive Orders Online

    • You can directly receive orders online from stores and customers, without using a phone, fax or e-mail.
    • When orders are created, the designated salespeople can receive notifications via messenger, mobile app push, and text messages.
    • The salespeople in charge can easily view the order details and convert them into sales data.
    • Customers can check order approval status and progress online, and also print out sales invoices, tax invoices, ledgers, etc.
  • Purchase Order Sharing

    • The purchase orders created in ERP are automatically reflected in online ordering system.
    • The vendors authorized of system access can log in and view the orders placed to them.
  • Outsourcing Management

    • The job orders created in ERP can be viewed by outsourced manufacturers in real-time.
    • As for material delivery to outsourced manufacturers or the receipt of manufactured products, all you have to do is just enter the details in ERP.
    • Through the online ordering system, the outsourced manufacturers can immediately check the relevant inventory changes online.
  • Share Information with Customers Easily

    • Customers can directly search and view the reports they have authorization to access, such as past transaction data or customer/vendor book.
    • You can also communicate business notices to or receive claims from customers by creating a shared board.
    • Work communication will be much easier.
E-Procurement Malaysia for Easy Online Ordering