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Safety Stock Control

Using the safety stock control that prevents stocks from falling below a certain quantity can help you prevent inventory shortage.


  • In stock control, knowing stock shortage and securing an optimal quantity is essential.
  • Check easily the shortage quantity by item.
  • Receive an alert message when inventory on hand is below safety stock.
  • Order quantities can be calculated based on safety stock.

Main Features

  • Safety Stock Settings

    • Safety stock quantity can be set individually for each item and location(store).
    • Set whether to apply safety stock by menu, including sales order, sales, and inventory movement.
    • Use the feature for an effective stock control.
  • Inventory Shortage Alert

    • In Inventory Balance report, the quantities below safety stock are shaded in red.
    • Quantities below safety stock can be notified by 3 types of alert : display an alert / disable saving the slip / do not notify
    • The alert message will show the item, safety stock, and shortage quantity for an effective stock control.
  • Calculate Optimal Order Quantity

    • When calculating the optimal order quantity by using the Purchase Plan menu, safety stock can be included in the calculation criteria.
    • You can easily create purchase orders only for the items below safety stock.
Safety Stock Control