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Store Management

With ECOUNT, you can easily manage multiple stores, branches, and merchants.


  • Check the inventory of multiple stores from your head office in real time.
  • Each employee in each store can enter their own inventory data directly, and the data can be analyzed by store.
  • Apply the authorization so that each store owner can enter and confirm only their own data.

Main Features

  • Integrated Management by Store

    • Check at a glance the list of items and the stock quantity for each store in Inventory Balance by Location report.
    • The inventory data entered in each store can be summarized and viewed from your head office in real time.
  • Track Inventory by Store

    • In all menus involving inventory change, data can be entered by specifying a warehouse(store).
    • All details of inventory change such as sales, purchase, and location movement can be viewed and analyzed by each store.
    • Inventory movements between stores are automatically calculated and sync to existing inventory, essentially preventing data omission.
  • Accessibility Setting by Store

    • You can configure each store owner's authorization to have them manage only their own store.
    • With Location(Store) Level Group feature, you can set to have multiple stores be managed by one person.
Store Management