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WMS(Warehouse Management System)

Failure to accurately determine the inventory location or receipt/release quantity will result in an increase in operation/management expenses from inventory shortage or overstocks.
With ECOUNT you can assign an individual number to each inventory and manage their location and inventory movement history in detail.


  • Inventory received by pallets or boxes can be given an individual identification number and their receipt/release history can easily be managed.
  • Warehouses can be broken down by area/location, allowing to accurately pinpoint stock locations.
  • You can also determine the actual available stock quantity in your warehouses by reflecting estimated receipt/release quantity.

Main Features

  • Detailed Inventory History Management

    • An individual number can be assigned each time when an inventory movement from receipt to release occurs.
    • Through the identification numbers assigned to each inventory, inventory flow including receipt, release, transfer, and adjustment can be checked at a glance, and you can keep track of their detailed history.
  • Inventory Management by Area/Location in Warehouse

    • A warehouse can be broken down into areas/locations, allowing to pinpoint the exact inventory locations.
      (E.g.: CA Warehouse > Area A > Rack A-1)
    • You can see the structure of the entire warehouse, check each inventory location quantity, and process their movement with ease in one screen.
  • Real-time Stock & Scheduled Receipt/Release Management

    • Every work is subdivided into steps such as Scheduled/Ready to/Completed, to help you manage each work by progress.
    • Quantities of each step is reflected in real-time, enabling to check the actual available quantity in warehouses.
WMS(Warehouse Management System)