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O/T & Leave Management

Keep track of employee attendance and leaves to generate a precise payroll process. Our ERP has a feature to track clock-in/out and manage leave time.


  • Set paid leave types by individual user ID and track their submissions.
  • Keep track of onsite and off-site duty and ensure that employees are appropriately being paid by their work time.

Main Features

  • Time Management

    • Create user profiles and assign all work details such as work hours, salary, leave and pay information.
    • Leave time can be added and customized then calculated based on the earnings and deductions set up.
    • You can check the attendance history by employee through various reports such as Time Attendance Status, Paid Leave Status, etc.
    • Employees can submit requests for leave by e-approval.
  • Time Management Reports

    • Based on the clock in/out logs, one can calculate time and attendance.
    • Then link the attendance and payroll to reflect employee time and attendance records in the salary.
O/T & Leave Management