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Human Resources Management

Computerize human resources work, view data by various conditions and experience an efficient personnel management.


  • No need to manage employee profiles in paper documents.
  • Keep your human resources data safe.
  • Easily issue various HR certificates.

    Main Features

    • Computerized HR Management

      • Register and manage the information necessary for employee management such as title, position, employment type, education and qualifications.
      • Set up various HR information fields according to your needs, and view and print them by various conditions.
    • Safety and Security

      • HR data are stored in ECOUNT's own file server and kept safe and secure from any loss.
      • Set authorizations of each user ID individually and allow the access to HR data to certain employees only.
      • Back up all your HR data in Excel files.
    • Issue Certificates

      • Easily view and print out various HR certificates just by selecting employee and certificate type.
      • Customize your company's unique templates and stamp in addition to the default templates.
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