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Payroll Management

Trouble managing your company's payroll?
Our payroll system can help alleviate the trouble by allowing to customize your earnings and deductions.


  • Calculate your company's own payroll by customizing earnings and deductions.
  • Create employee profiles, and based on the registered earnings and deductions, automatically generate your company's entire payroll just by clicking New Payroll button.
  • Manage various payroll frequencies and reports.
  • Refer to your payroll history and make your payroll calculation and accounting journalization easier.

Main Features

  • Earnings and Deductions Setup

    • Add or modify earnings and deductions.
    • Set salary, tax deduction, calculation formula, and more.
    • Assign whether to apply salary monthly or hourly by each employee.
    • Manage separately the payroll of each department, project, and employee, based on payroll frequency.
  • Automatic Payroll Calculation

    • Automatically calculate payroll amount based on the information entered in each employee profile.
    • Import time attendance data when calculating hourly/daily earnings.
    • The deductions are automatically applied to payroll according to the registered deduction formulas.
  • Payroll Statement

    • View the calculated payroll in various reports, such as payroll book and statements.
    • Customize your payroll statement template into your own company's own.
    • Send payroll statements to all employees in batch via e-mail.
  • Link with Other Functions

    • Apply your calculated payroll to Accounting vouchers.
Payroll Management