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Production Cost Management

Even if the sales grow, if costs are not properly calculated, executives cannot view the exact profit. With ECOUNT ERP, you can easily manage the costs and profit, which is a core element in business management.


  • ECOUNT ERP automatically calculates your costs including the prices of raw/sub materials consumed in manufacturing and various incidental expenses.
  • Various cost-related reports such as Profit Status by Customer are available.
  • Since you can compare the costs generated in advance with the actual costs calculated after production, you can build plans on in which process you're going to reduce cost.

Main Features

  • Various Costing Method to Suit Your Company

    • You can select among various cost calculation method (Average Cost, FIFO, Last Purchase Price) to suit your company and calculate monthly production cost.
    • You can also select whether to calculate the quantity of consumed materials based on BOM, or to use the actual consumed quantity data.
    • As for outsourcing expenses to apply in costing, you can select whether to calculate based on the O/E Price pre-entered in item setup or to use the actual outsourcing cost data.
    • Labor costs, other expenses, and incidental expenses from import can also be reflected on costing by process/item, in addition to outsourcing cost.
  • Various Cost-related Reports

    • Based on the calculated costs, you can view the profit status by item and customer.
    • Without having to create costing, you can easily view the profit amount and ratio based on sales/purchase data, which can be helpful to retailers and distributors.
    • Clicking the cost amount, you can view the detailed data on which the cost calculation is based.
    • If creating a cost based on the actual consumed quantity, you can view the yield variance based on the comparison with the registered BOM.
  • Estimated vs. Actual Cost

    • View the difference between the pre-production(estimated) cost and the actual(post-production) cost.
    • The cause of variance can be analyzed within the program by various factors such as Material Price Variance, Yield Variance, Labor Cost / Expenses / O/E Price.
    • If the actual cost is higher than the estimated cost, you can analyze the cause of the additional cost and plan how to reduce cost.
Production Cost Management