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Outsourcing Management

How to manage the inventory transported to outsourcing factories?
With ECOUNT ERP, you can easily and efficiently do it.


  • You can manage your production flow including the outsourced processes carried out in outside factories. Also, via our online ordering system, you can exchange transactions with outsourced vendors in real-time.

Main Features

  • Outsourcing Vendor Management

    • As you manage the outsourcing companies by including them in your company's entire production flow, you can easily check not only the current stock on hand in those factories but also their progress status in real-time.
    • When the manufactured goods are delivered from the outsourcing vendors, you can process in accounting the payment for the goods and also the expenses for outsourced processes.
    • A systematic management is possible, covering from placing orders, to goods receipt, through to the final payment.
  • Outsourcing Management via Online Ordering System

    • Give each outsourcing vendor an individual ID to enable them to use the online ordering system.
    • If you enter the material release and goods receipts within ERP,
      the outsourcing vendors can directly view the entered inventory changes and movement via online ordering system.
    • They can also view the transaction ledgers and inventory balance via online ordering system.
Outsourcing Management