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Production Process Management

In order to improve productivity, various problems that occur in the course of each process of production should be appropriately dealt with. ECOUNT ERP is the optimal solution for controlling your production process.


  • You can customize production management to suit your company’s own production flow.
  • Manage the equipment and labor resources that are put in production, and control the efficiency of each step (job) of production.
  • You can prevent the omission of the records of each production process and relieve the burden of your manufacturing PIC.

Main Features

  • Optimize Production Process Management

    • Register an unlimited number of warehouses, factories, and outsourcing factories.
    • Through the Inventory Balance by Location report, view the inventory quantity on hand by each warehouse and factory in real-time.
    • You can limit the authorization given to each factory's PIC to only enter/view data within the allowed range.
  • Improve Work Efficiency of Your Employees

    • As your production is proceeded, stock is automatically controlled for each process.
    • Based on the BOM(Bill of Material), the quantity of raw/sub materials consumed by production decreases, and the manufactured goods increases.
    • Easily process the movement of materials and semi-finished goods from warehouses to factories and to the factories of the next process.
  • Manage Task (Job) at Production Site

    • Register the sub-steps of each manufacturing process, and see job progress.
    • Record required equipments or labor resources for each job.
    • Set up BOR(Bill of Resource) and compare the standard time spent with the actual time spent, and see production efficiency.
  • Various Production Reports

    • View the manufacturing progress status by each process, by comparing job orders and the actual manufacturing results.
    • Since you can compare the expected consumed quantity based on BOM with the actual consumed quantity, you can view the yield variance by each process.
    • You can also view the cost incurred from outsourced processes and the resulting status of payables against outsourced vendors.
Production Process Management