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Quality Control (QC)

Ensuring product quality is also one of competitiveness a company should have.
By using ECOUNT ERP, you can raise your company's competitiveness through continuous quality control and improvement.


  • You can implement a quality control system that suits your company's work process.
  • After selecting by each item the inspection method(sampling/lot test) for each inspection field, you can record the result as qualified/unqualified.
  • As you can import sales and production data to create quality inspection data, each item can be inspected without omission.
  • The result of quality inspection can be viewed in various formats of reports.

Main Features

  • Optimize QC Settings

    • The inspection fields can be customized to reflect the fields your company's currently using.
    • For each item, you can set whether to request quality inspection, and inspection method and type.
  • Selecting Quality Inspection Subject

    • Import the history of previous purchase order, purchase, sales order, sales, and production, and proceed with the inspection.
    • As for the items that are set to request quality inspection, when creating a purchase or production including the items, a quality inspection request is automatically generated.
    • When entering a new quality inspection, inspection type fields are automatically imported, and the inspection can be entered based on the inspection type fields.
  • Quality Inspection Method

    • By each inspection field, item inspection method such as sampling and lot test can be selected.
    • Select the progress status of the quality inspection, and decide the qualification and process it.
    • The unqualified quantities found from the inspection can be processed by each defect type.
  • Various Reports Related to Quality Inspection

    • View the qualified and unqualified quantities by each item, according to the inspection method and type.
    • Customize the quality inspection report to suit your company's work process and view the inspection results.
Quality Control (QC)