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Job Order Management

If you're a manufacturer of a variety of products and processes, your job order and management should be systematic to prevent missing work.
By using ECOUNT ERP's job order feature, you can easily grasp the manufacturing progress status by each process.


  • Manage the entire flow of production based on job orders.
  • Easily generate job orders by importing data of other tasks, and also link the generated job orders to various other inventory tasks.
  • View various reports where you can see the production flow at a glance.

Main Features

  • Efficient Production Flow Management

    • Simply by entering goods to manufacture in job orders, the manufacture/consumed quantity is auto-calculated based on BOM and reflected on production data and inventory balance.
    • You can also create a job order for a specific process in order to process manufacturing of certain semi-finished goods.
    • If there are multiple factories that process an identical process, you can specify a particular factory within the job order and send it to them.
    • If the items consumed to manufacture a product vary depending on production, you can select one of the pre-set BOM versions when creating a job order.
  • Link with Other Businesses

    • You can import and apply the sales order data created by your sales team when creating a job order.
    • You can also import job orders when creating a purchase plan so that purchasing department can properly place orders for the materials required for manufacturing.
    • The entered job orders can be sent to relevant employees via email, message, messenger, and mobile app push.
    • In addition, the job orders can also be sent to your outsourcing vendors via email.
  • Reports Related to Job Order

    • Production progress status can be viewed by date, item, and process.
    • According to material movement and manufacturing, you can track the inventory changes of raw/sub materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods.
    • A comparison data between standard consumed quantity and actual consumed quantity are supported.
Job Order Management