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MRP System

Lack of raw/sub materials required for production may interfere with production schedule.
MRP System in ECOUNT, you can build the purchase plans for required materials so that the lack of raw/sub materials does not occur, and you can order the right quantity for production.


  • MRP System can be linked with the production schedule calculated by Master Production Schedule (MPS), where you can establish an optimal purchase order time and quantity.

Main Features

  • Link with Master Production Schedule(MPS)

    • With ECOUNT MPS, you can schedule production of finished goods.
    • Buy the raw/sub materials needed for production at the right time considering the production schedule.
    • MRP System automatically establishes the MRP itself based on the production plan, without the user having to calculate it separately.
  • Planning by Auto-calculation

    • Based on the BOM, you can freely apply the Outstanding P/O, safety stock, lead time when deciding the timing and qty to procure parts.
    • The program will automatically calculate the daily requirements, incoming inventory, and required quantities of the raw/sub material to be put into production.
    • An order plan is automatically established based on the calculated material requirements plan.
    • Create the purchase order immediately by linking the purchase plan data.
MRP System