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Purchase history will be automatically reflected in your inventory.
  • Purchase order data is instantly saved and managed.
  • Easily view items and quantities to be received as stock through the Outstanding P/O Status report.
  • View purchase data right away.
    Main Features
    • Various Input Methods
      • The stock quantity will increase automatically at the same time as the purchase input.
      • Import automatically the data of the purchase order slips and process your stock increases easily.
      • Create your company's own entry fields by input screen setting.
      • Wired/wireless barcode scanner and ECOUNT App allow you to manage your stock using barcode.
      • A large amount of purchasing data can also be entered quickly/accurately using the Excel uploader function.
    • Check Remaining Stock Status
      • Check items and quantities that have not been received from the purchase order based on the interlink between P/O and purchases.
      • Use the Apply Residual Qty function to restock items and quantities that have not been fully received.
      • Easily track your purchase progress compared to your purchase orders.
    • Instantly Check Your Purchase Data
      • Check and summarize various purchase reports, including purchase summary by employee.
      • Up to 50 different forms of various reports can be set up according to your company's needs.
      • By giving each user access to each report, you can minimize the leakage of company's sales information, such as purchase cost.
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