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Invoice/Packing List

As for exports, relevant documentation, stock control, and funding should be managed in one system.
With ECOUNT's export management feature, you can do so without having to additionally manage in Excel.


  • You can create the necessary invoices and packing lists, print, and send them to customers via email.
  • Utilizing various search conditions can help you manage your export history.

Main Features

  • Auto-generate and Print Your Invoice/Packing List

    • Easily create invoices and packing lists by importing your ERP sales data.
    • Register the default L/C issuing bank, shipper/exporter information by each customer,
      and automatically import the data when entering the customer.
    • In addition to the basic forms provided, customize your company's own invoice/packing list forms.
  • Export History Management

    • The invoices and packing lists you create can directly sent to your overseas customers via email.
    • You can view the sent email contents and whether the overseas customers have received or opened the sent emails.
    • By searching by shipping no. or invoice date, you can easily track the progress status and history of your export transactions.
    • Set additional fields to manage your company's own invoice/packing list.
Invoice/Packing List