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Online Store Management

A lot of customers have difficulty managing their inventory due to the flooding orders and sales coming through various online stores. With ECOUNT, this problem can easily be solved.
Dropship sales can be efficiently managed.


  • Collect order data received from different online stores into ECOUNT ERP, and manage them collectively.
  • Easily convert your collected order data into ECOUNT ERP's sales order/sales data.
  • By using the interactive API, you can not only collect orders from online stores but also transmit your ERP data to them.

Main Features

  • Integrated Management of Online Stores

    • By linking with various online stores such as eBay, Taobao, and Lazada, you can collect the orders scattered in those online stores into one single ERP and easily manage them.
    • Using the open API that ECOUNT provides, you can also collect the order data of your own online store into ERP.
  • Generate ERP Data by Online Store Data Transmission

    • Directly generate ERP slips with the order data collected from online stores.
    • You can select which type of slip you want to generate among sales and sales order.
  • Online Store Management by Interactive API

    • In addition to collecting online store data, you can also transfer your ERP data to online stores.
    • Transmit the item information registered in ERP to online stores and automatically register the item within the online stores.
    • Changing the order status such as order confirmed, released, or returned is applied the same in your online stores.
  • Dropship - ECOUNT Supports Your Dropshipping Sales

    • Dropship sellers can use ECOUNT's online store management module to process orders and items.
    • Process the multiple and complex communications required for dropship sales through ECOUNT.
    • Find the list of the dropship stores currently supported in ECOUNT.
  • List of the online stores currently linked with ECOUNT ERP

    • ECOUNT ERP can be linked with multiple online stores. On average, more than 2 online stores are being added to the list per month.
  • Online Store / Action Process Orders Claims Register Item
    New Order Order Confirmed(Receive) Order Confirmed(Transmit) Delivery Cancel Received Cancelled(Received) Cancelled(Transmission) Return Received Returned Exchange Received Exchanged Register Item