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Receivable Management

Failure to collect receivables on time will result in a setback in the circulation of funds and making you suffer from financing even if your sales grow.
Hence, it is indispensible for you to manage outstanding receivables accurately using an efficient sales management program.


  • Once you enter your sales, the data sync to customer receivables, preventing missing anything or wrong data entry.
  • You can manage your data of inventory and of accounting in an integrated way.
  • See at a glance your receivables by each PIC or customer.

Main Features

  • Automated Receivable Management

    • At the same time as sales entry, the sales amount is automatically reflected on the customer's receivable.
    • The receipt amount is also automatically deducted from the customer's receivable.
  • Integrated Management of Inventory and Accounting

    • The sales amount can easily be invoiced in accounting module by each sale or after binding multiple sales into one invoice.
    • You can apply discounts when invoicing your receivables as well.
  • Various Reports for Receivable

    • Search easily your sales, received amounts, and outstanding receivables for a certain date range, by each salesperson or customer.
    • See at a glance the outstanding receivable status and pre-invoicing status.
    • Since you can compare the sales amount between inventory sales and accounting sales, you can precisely manage receivables.
Receivable Management