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Order Management

Using ECOUNT to manage your orders, you can create a seamless workflow that confirm each step of the order has been completed, which leads to a systematic inventory management.


  • You can include all your desired information in your sales order template.
  • All inventory-relevant departments can collaborate based on the sales orders.
  • Receive orders from customers or stores through the online ordering system.

Main Features

  • Customize Order Formats

    • Design your input/output screens and order forms to your desire.
    • Export your customized sales orders in PDF or Excel, and send them to customers via email.
  • Collaboration via Sales Orders

    • Import your confirmed quotations and create sales orders. you can also link the orders with relevant tasks such as sales, purchases, purchase orders and job orders.
    • Count and manage down payments and balance for each individual contract received.
    • Attach the sales orders to posts in Groupware, set approval procedures via e-Approval, and use Schedule function to receive notification on delivery date.
  • Online Ordering System

    • Online Ordering System (CS Portal) is where you can process orders online without having to call or send emails to your customers and agencies.
    • The orders entered by customers can be viewed in your ERP screen in real-time.
    • Once the orders are approved within your ERP screen, the updated order progress status is sent to the customers.
    • In addition to order progress, customers can view sales invoices, ledgers, inventory status, and more in the online ordering system.
Order Management