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Sales Document

Since sending a sales invoice means the transaction has been approved, the information within it should be accurate. In ECOUNT ERP, you can include all the necessary and accurate information within your sales invoice.


  • Print your sales invoice immediately when you create the sales slip.
  • The format of sales invoice can be customized to your desire.
  • Send sales invoices to your customers by email, or download in PDF or Excel file.

Main Features

  • Creating Sales Invoice

    • Print your sales invoice immediately when you create the sales slip.
    • You can bind multiple sales slips over a certain period and print them into one single sales invoice.
    • In addition to sending invoices one by one, you can also send them by batch after setting a certain date range.
  • Customize Invoice Template

    • Other than the sample sales invoice templates provided as default, you can customize invoice templates to suit your company.
    • Add freely the fields you want to display in your sales invoice such as receivable amount and deposit bank account.
  • Means of Sending Invoice

    • In addition to printing out, you can send invoices via various methods such as email and message, and also attach files when sending them.
    • Attach a file when sending a transaction statement.
    • Since you can send invoices on mobile App as well, your work can quickly be processed even when you're not using PC.
Sales Document