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E-Commerce Companies

Difficulties When Managing Shopping Malls

Collecting Orders From Shopping Malls

It is very rare that you only own and run one shopping mall, but use more than one.
You should be able to collect all different orders you have received into one system, but
since it takes a long time to go into each shopping mall to collect data,
and to move each data into one format, a lot of human errors can happen.

Work Process Before/After Collecting Orders

If, for example, you use Taobao and Shopify at the same time.
You can collect sales orders you have received from these malls easily but the rest of the management may fall into pieces.
When you input sales in a separate format, it is very hard to manage inventory because it does not deduct the stock from your warehouse at the same time, and
it may also be hard to keep track of purchases because you may not be able to input unit price information there.
If you cannot manage purchases properly, you will not be able to see accurate costing and profit margin data.

Free Shopping Mall Linkage with ECOUNT

Shopping Mall Linkages, With a Click

ECOUNT is connected with various shopping malls.
Those sales orders you have received in those malls can be collected into ECOUNT.
With the collected data, you can easily transfer them to sales/purchases slips.

Perfect Management for Sales and Inventory Management

If you save the sales order details you pulled from a shopping mall into a sales slip, it is automatically applied to sales reports and inventory balance reports.
The data is just the same as the one you have received from the shopping mall, there will be no time to make mistakes when moving data from here to there.

Two-Sided API, Cancel/Refund with ECOUNT

Other than pulling data from a shopping mall into ECOUNT,
you can push the data that has been created in ECOUNT to your shopping mall platforms.
When registering items, cancelling orders and refunds happen in ECOUNT, it will be applied to the shopping malls as well.

List of Shopping Mall Linkages in ECOUNT

With just one ECOUNT, you can connect to multiple shopping malls, and
two shopping malls on average per month are getting added.
Shopping Mall/Action Order Claims Register Item
New Order Confirm Order(Received) Confirm Order(Transmission) Delivery Accepted Cancellation Cancelled(Received) Cancelled(Transmission) Accepted Return Returned Accepted Exchange Completed Exchange Register Item

Personal Shopping Mall Linkage

If you have your own shopping mall platform, with the free open source(API) ECOUNT offeres,
you can connect your own platform with ECOUNT, to be managed along with other shopping malls.

Integrated Management with ECOUNT

Shopping mall linkage is one of the functions ECOUNT provides.
You can use all functions from inventory, production, accounting, sales, purchases to payroll and much more just at RM200 a month.
Management reports include sales/purchases, sales performance, stock balance and payroll to show the status of the whole company into one.