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Security FAQs

Security FAQs

  • How is company data secured?

    ECOUNT understands it is paramount that client information is kept secure. Data encryption is used to keep data secure while using the ECOUNT ERP software. All ECOUNT servers are in a data center with:
    • 24-hour security
    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • Real-time scanning
    • Firewall
    • Temperature control
    • Personnel security
    Please visit the Data Security page to learn more.
  • How often is the data backed up?

    The data is backed up every day on at least two different servers. Visit our Data Backup and Recovery page for more information.
  • Who can access my company data?

    The amount of employees with access to the information is extremely limited. They can view the information on the servers, but they don’t have access to the servers.
  • Can I set authority-based access on the ERP software?

    Yes. It is very easy to set authority-based access for the users.
  • What application controls are on the ERP software?

    Data security is extremely important in ERP software. The program has:
    • IP address restrictions to block unauthorized computers from accessing the system
    • Requires new passwords on a regular interval to maintain security
    • Login certificates for special user accounts
    • Time restrictions to prevent users from logging in during off-hours
    • Account lock after unsuccessful login attempts.