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BOM (Bill of Material)

BOM (Qty. Consumed) is the basis of production management. You can automatically import the raw/sub materials configured in BOM when you enter your job orders and productions and apply the data.


  • Using BOM(Bill of Material), you can calculate the quantity of raw/sub materials required for manufacturing. Calculating consumed quantities can give you the information useful for production management.
  • You can analyze the production variance based on the actual on-site production, and the registered BOM can be the base of your production stock management, with the link with other functions.

Main Features

  • BOM Registration

    • BOM consists of the list of parts, raw/sub materials and their quantity required to produce a finished good.
    • A large amount of BOM data can also be easily uploaded by batch using our Excel uploader.
    • If the BOM you want to register is similar to one of the existing BOMs, you can copy the existing BOM and generate a new one.
    • If there are multiple BOMs for a specific finished/semi-finished good, manage them by multiple BOM versions.
  • Consumed Qty. Calculation

    • Estimate in advance the list of raw/sub materials required for manufacturing and their consumed quantity.
    • Calculate the actual required quantity considering various factors such as safety stock and current stock, and apply the result in purchase order tasks such as purchase plan and MRP.
  • Yield Variance Analysis Based on BOM

    • When entering your production, apply the quantity of materials that are actually consumed on site.
    • If creating the cost based on the actual consumed material amount, you can view the yield variance compared with the consumed amount based on BOM in Actual Cost Status.
    • In various reports such as Material Consumed Status and Standard vs. Actual Consumed Qty., view the variance between BOM and actual material consumption.
  • Link with Other Functions

    • When you create purchase plans or production data, you can auto-calculate the purchase quantities of raw/sub materials based on BOM.
    • Based on Job Orders, view the flow of production progress by each status.
    • If a defect occurs in manufacturing, disassemble the defective good based on BOM and process the disposal or reuse of the defective component.
BOM (Bill of Material)