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Subscription checklist

  • What process is needed for subscription and when can we start using this?

    You can register for a Free Trial for immediate access, then sign up for the official service after the 7-day trial, or contact us directly.
  • How much is the subscription fee?

    PHP 2,800/month - unlimited number of users.
    Quarter: PHP8,400 or Annual: PHP30,800 (VAT inclusive)
  • Are there additional fees other than the subsctiption fee?

    You can use all ECOUNT function in PHP2,800/month without additional fee for each user. All technical aspects like the system server, security backup etc. are supported by ECOUNT so there is no additional fee for maintenance.
    (There are other additional features such as Groupware [PHP500/5 users/month] and Webmail [PHP250/10 users/month] where fees can be added but this is optional.)
  • Do we have to download the program on our PC to use ECOUNT?

    No, you do not need to download on your PC. ECOUNT is a web-based system that can be accessed through the internet without separate installation. This characteristic allows for real-time sharing of work without location constraints. Since users access the ECOUNT system server directly, upgrading the ECOUNT ERP server alone enables all users to enjoy the latest version, making maintenance convenient.
  • Is it compatible with the existing program?

    If you have existing business data in an Excel format, you can easily upload it to ECOUNT ERP.
  • Is the security reliable?

    ECOUNT adheres to stringent security standards by obtaining ISO 27001 international certification, ensuring the safe storage of customer information. Moreover, it has established a robust security system surpassing that of large enterprises, including network firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection equipment (IPS), 24-hour monitoring, and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Data entered into ECOUNT ERP is simultaneously stored in multiple databases, allowing for service resumption within the shortest possible time in case of server issues while sensitive information is encrypted during transmission.
  • Can we backup the entered data?

    The data entered to ECOUNT ERP can be backed up by users themselves by selecting the desired period and exploring it in Excel format. Additionally, as a precautionary measure, ECOUNT conducts daily backups internally to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Can we customize the settings to fit our company?

    ECOUNT ERP offers a special feature called User Customization, allowing users to select desired functions and optimize the ERP environment to fit your company's operations, from input screens to list screens. Moreover, this feature enables immediate adaption to changes in the business environment or additional requirements in the future.
  • How can we resolve questions while using the program?

    ECOUNT provides various support for user convenience. The subscription includes two sessions of training to facilitate the adoption and integration of the ERP system. Furthermore, there is phone consultation, as well as customer support forums, video tutorials, and online manuals, all aimed at swiftly resolving any inquiries users may have.
  • What kind of companies usually use ECOUNT?

    ECOUNT ERP is used by over 70,000 companies from diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, services, etc. From small shops with just two employees to listing companies with revenues exceeding 10 billion PHP, ECOUNT ERP serves a wide spectrum of businesses. It is also utilized by public institutions and non-profit organizations.

    The reason why ECOUNT ERP is used in diverse range of industries and company sizes is because:
    1) ECOUNT ERP possesses comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of most businesses through continuous development since 1999.
    2) ECOUNT ERP's [User Customization] feature allows immediate configuration of the ERP to suit each company's operations, enabling swift adaptation and utilization.
  • Is there a contract period or a cancellation fee when we end the subscription?

    There is no separate contract period, so there is no restrictions on unsubscribing. Upon unsubscription, all data entered by your company can be downloaded in bulk as Excel files.