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Payroll Management You can automatically calculate salaries based on employee information
and easily issue/distribute payroll slips.

Setting allowances and deductions
according to payroll calculation method

  • Add/modify allowances and deductions.
  • Set the payment type (fixed, hourly, daily), formulas for each allowance.
  • Input whether each payroll allowance or deduction is applicable
    to each employee and specify the amount.
  • Calculate the payroll by department or project
    based on the payment frequency.
Setting allowances and deductions according to payroll calculation method

Automatic payroll calculation

  • Payroll is automatically calculated based on the registered employee information.
  • Calculate the hourly/daily allowances by linking them with attendance records.
  • Various reports such as payroll ledger, payroll summary, and payroll transfer status are provided.

Deliver payslips conveniently

  • Payroll calculation details are automatically reflected in the
  • Send payslips individually or in batch to employees via email.
  • Customize the payslips according to the company's needs by
    adding details like total earnings, total deductions, formula, etc.
Deliver payslips conveniently

Link to other ERP functions
for easy payroll management

  • Immediately reflect payroll payment details in the accounting ledger.
  • Employees can directly check their own payroll information through
    the Online Payroll Statement System.
Deliver payslips conveniently