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Purchase Plan Through ECOUNT's purchase program, calculate the optimal purchase quantity and time,
based on inventory in possession, scheduled receive/release inventory, and more.

Automatically calculate the
quantity to order

  • Automatically calculates the quantity to order based on
    current stock, safety stock, minimum purchase quantity,
    outstanding inventory to receive, etc.
  • Reduce unnecessary orders to avoid inventory to pile up
    and maintain sufficient inventory.
Automatically calculate the quantity to order

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  • Load sales order, purchase request, job order,
    etc. to work on a purchase plan.
  • Calculate the time to purchase by estimating the
    optimal purchase quantity through the purchase
    plan and linking this with the MRP.
  • Create the purchase order based on the optimal
    purchase quantity.
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Automatic notification of inventory to avoid missing orders

  • Receive notification in the form of a report about the current inventory status according to the set condition.
  • The result of the notification can be seen in a report format which makes it easy to catch issues and handle them right away.
  • Various condition types such as item, location, quantity, safety stock, minimum purchase quantity, price, etc.
    can be used at the same time.