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The Necessity of Groupware

What is Groupware?

Groupware is an office management system that consists of functions such as e-approval, bulletin boards, calendars and etc.,
that helps with members of the company to share work and help with decision making processes.

Why do businesses need groupware?

Collaboration and work sharing among members are essential for smooth operation.
You can send, receive, and share files through e-mail, USB, or your personal messenger program, but it can be inconvenient in sharing and viewing the data,
also unsuitable for managing the history which is the reason why people look for better alternatives.
Groupware is an environment where all the company data is stored. Just by logging in, you can view all your data anytime & anywhere, making it easier to share your work.
That is why many companies have implemented groupware as a way to improve their business efficiency.

The necessity of Groupware

ECOUNT is the perfect Groupware for you.


Apply your company's own approval line.
Apply your company's own approval draft template.
You can also apply approval structure by department, by creating different approval lines for each department.
If necessary, you can attach files such as images, documents, or even ERP vouchers and slips to the drafts.

Link with ERP

ECOUNT Groupware is linked with ERP.
You don't have to double-create a sales invoice to share it.
For example, you can import the transaction slips and vouchers that are already stored in ERP such as sales orders, sales, expenses, and suspense payments, eliminating the need to create a separate slip for approval.
In addition, the approved slips and vouchers are immediately reflected on ERP data, which is an advantage that only Groupware can provide.
You do not need to enter the same details twice just to share to the other departments; share through the boards by attaching the ERP transaction.

Real-time Connection

The main feature of Groupware is a fast work-sharing.
Access ECOUNT Groupware on your PC as well as on your mobile App.
For example, outside your office, you can approve e-Approval drafts via mobile App and boost your work speed. You can access and process your work anywhere and anytime to your desire.

Bulletin Board

Configure your bulletin boards to your desired form and use them as an office management system.
Create bulletin boards by department, project, and PIC, and set each entry field of the boards to suit your needs.
You can also attach files such as documents, images, and ERP slips and vouchers, when composing a post.
Since all work history is stored in the boards, the work flow continues even if one of your employees resigns.
In addition, file sharing is much easier through link with cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive/One Drive/Dropbox/Box.

Corporate Messenger

ECOUNT is an office management system with a free-of-charge corporate messenger.
There is no limit to the number of users so it is available to all employees.
ERP slips and vouchers, and GW posts can be shared via messenger, allowing a fast and easy communication.

Cloud Storage

No need to manually send files. Easily store and share files through our corporate cloud service.
Meet our cloud storage (EC Drive) and experience a real-time data sync to easily share files and keep your data current.

Remote Program

ECOUNT supports remote support program so that you can remotely connect to your customer's PC.
Share screen in real-time, anytime anywhere for a quick problem solving and work process.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer history such as sales calls and visits.
You can manage your history by dividing it into stages.
You can also manage the history by progress status, and combine ERP and CRM together since you can attach ERP slips such as quotes/sales orders in CRM.

Schedule Management

Record your employees' individual schedules or company schedules and view the schedule by day/week/month.
By sending notifications via text message or email when registering a new schedule or modifying an existing one, you can prevent the schedules from being missed.
Efficiently control your office schedules through a smart office management system.

Outside Duty Management

Outside duty management feature allows you to manage operation history of outside duty vehicles.
You can record the operation details such as the vehicle user, the used vehicle, address of departure and arrival, and travel distance, and you can also attach the image of your vehicle's odometer for a more accurate management.
In addition, you can view the operation history by employee/department/vehicle.

Benefit from various other functions available in our office management system.
Use Groupware and use functions like survey, office equipment management, file storage, and worksheet management by customer.