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Cost/Expense Control Manage every stage of expenditure from setting the budget to creating payment journals,
requesting approvals from decision-makers, executing expenses, etc. using ECOUNT.

Expense managament through
voucher approval process

  • Reflect the expense to the accounting ledger after entering the
    payment journal and going through an approval (confirmation)
    from the authorized personnel.
  • Distinguish between unconfirmed vouchers that are awaiting
    approval and confirmed vouchers with completed approval.
  • Assign authority to confirm vouchers for each ID.
Expense managament through voucher approval process

Fund execution control

  • Allocated budget by department, project, and account.
  • Receive notifications for excess details and restrict
    voucher entry if the amount exceeds the budget.
Fund execution control

Integration with Groupware (e-Approval)

  • Attach ERP accounting vouchers when creating the approval draft.
  • The attached vouchers are automatically reflected in the accounting
    ledger once approval is complete.
Integration with groupware(e-Approval)