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Trade Business Management (Import/Export) Manage the entire importing process with ECOUNT, and record the expenses incurred all throughout.
The expenditures from import/export transactions can be reflected in the overall cost.

Manage the entire flow of importation
just like in practical operations

  • Manage the entire process of importing from receiving invoices to
    paying customs broker fees, clearances, and updating accounts.
  • Assign a unique number to every import transaction to manage
    each as a single record even when entering details from different menus.
  • Apart from the customs broker fee, freight, loading expenses,
    etc., ECOUNT allows the registration of additional expense types as needed.
Manage the entire flow of import just like in practical operations

Reflect import/export
expenses in the cost

  • Enter the expenses that incurred during the
    import/export process when entering
    sales/purchase slips.
  • Check the cost that includes the expenses in
    various reports such as the income statement,
    monthly income statement, etc.
Reflect import/export expenses in the cost

Automatically generate Invoice/Packing List
based on sales transactions

  • Easily create Invoice and Packing List by importing sales transactions.
  • Track the progress status and history based on different criteria such as
    shipping number and Invoice date.