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Receivable Management | Sales Management ECOUNT's sales management program allows accurate receivable management
as sales records are automatically reflected as customers' accounts receivable.

Real-time receivable/credit

  • When a sales slip is entered, its sales amount is automatically
    reflected as the customer's receivable.
  • Receivable automatically decreases by the amount collected.
  • Set credit limits for each customer and restrict input with a
    notification when the amount exceeds the limit.
Real-time receivable/credit management

Check receivables by person
in charge and customer

  • View the sales, collections, and receivables by
    salesperson and customer.
  • Check the receivables status.
  • Compare the sales revenue of the sales department and
    accounting department for consistency.
Check receivables by person in charge and customer

Integrated management of inventory and accounting

  • Reflect the sales amounts to the accounting ledger by transaction or in batch.
  • Apply discounts to the receivables while reflecting to accounting.