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To Handle Payroll Easier and Faster

Why stay up all night, every month, struggling with payroll?

Many companies use Excel to handle payroll.
They struggle with tax tables and complicated formulas to manually calculate tax amount and deduct it.
Besides, they have to additionally refer to each employee's timesheet,
in order to calculate the additional earnings such as overtime and nighttime work.
By manually distributing payroll statements to each employee, their hard work is finally finished.

Calculating and managing the complicated monthly payroll is never easy.
That is why you need to look for an alternative to manage your payroll in a way easier than manually managing it by Excel.

Payroll Management Can Be Easy with ECOUNT.

Automatic Payroll Calculation

Calculate separately and automatically earnings including various taxable and non-taxable allowances.
Just fill out the base salary and check the payroll details that are automatically calculated by the program.
All you have to do is just view the calculated payroll.

Automatically Import Timesheet Data

Import clock in/out data when calculating payroll. No need to manually check the timesheet by each employee to calculate their variable earnings and allowances.
The imported time attendance details are linked with earnings and reflected on payroll amount.

No Need to Hand Out Payroll Statements One by One

ECOUNT provides UserPay, an online payroll statement system.
UserPay is in link with ERP, allowing each employee to view their own payroll statement online.
No need to give out manually the relevant data such as timesheet. The employees can view the data in UserPay.
You can also send payroll statements to all employees in batch via e-mail.

Link with Accounting

Directly reflect payroll books on accounting reports.
Create accounting vouchers by the details of your payroll data by each employee.
No need of duplicate works on recording payroll payment,
since the created accounting vouchers are automatically reflected in various accounting reports.

To handle payroll easier