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Overseas Companies

For Overseas Companies to Manage Well

Difficulties Overseas Companies Usually Face

Data omission is a common problem companies that are located overseas, far from its local boundaries.
Even when everyhing is managed well, it will be difficult for the HQ to check the data inputted in local language
and it will be hard to share real-time and manage as a whole if reports are kept in the branch.

What needs to be managed?

Sharing - You must be able to manage what each branch inputs in real time.
Language - Multi-language support is necessary when it comes to sharing data that can be shown in different languages.
Accessibility - Not only the HQ members, but also those from overseas branches should be able to have access to real-time data.
Localization - Factors that can change due to environment - tax, currency rate and chart of accounts - must be applied.

Integrated Management Solution for Entering Overseas Markets, at just PHP2,800.

ECOUNT can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.
With multi-language settings, you can apply what has already been input both at HQ and branches.
Localized factors such as currency rate, tax and even chart of accounts can be applied.
In addition, customer support and training can be done in various languages we offer.

Integrated Management Solution for Entering Overseas Markets
  • 100% Web-Based, Anywhere in the World
    Just as long as you have access to internet, you can log into ECOUNT.
    ECOUNT can be used even at overseas branches.
  • A Program That Everyone Can Use
    ECOUNT offers unlimited number of user ID registration, thus enabling all memebers of overseas branches to use the program, at no extra cost.
  • Multi-Language Settings, Just For You
    ECOUNT offers English, Spanish, Chinest(Traditional/Simplified), Vietnamese, Indonesian and Japanese.
    Different language settings can be made for each ID, so a worker at overseas branch can use the language they are most comfortable with.
  • Localized Accounting Applied
    Local tax rate can be applied and chart of accounts can be set in different languages.
    Chart of accounts can be amended from the base default set offered by ECOUNT.
  • Multi-Language Customer Support
    If it is your first time with ECOUNT, then it is perfectly normal to seek help to our team.
    You can ask for multi-language help while using the program overseas.
    Our professional team is ready to help you.

    * As of Apr. 2023, languages supported are: English, Español, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian