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What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management Software refers to software that can integrate and manage tasks that affect
inventory status such as Sales/Purchase/Production.

If you record the inventory status using Excel or a manual ledger,
it takes a lot of time and there is a possibility of human error as it needs to be done by hand.
If you use inventory management software, you do need to create separate inventory slips as Sales/Purchase/
Production slips are automatically reflected in the inventory status at the same time to minimize human errors.

In addition, the inventory management software provides real-time inventory balance and inventory history.
This makes it easy to see the overall inventory flow and enables sharing between departments.

Problems When Not Using An Inventory Management Software

The number of items gradually increases when the company grows.
Hence, there are more tasks like purchase planning and inventory stock counts to manage.

At this time, if the inventory management software is not in place, problems will get complicated.

  • 1) Inventory Unbalance
    If you create Sales and Purchase details and record inventory stock in and out separately,
    there is a high possibility that inventory will be misplaced due to incorrect entries or omissions.
    If you use inventory management software, Sales/Purchase/Production details are automatically
    reflected in inventory, preventing input mistakes and enabling more accurate inventory management.
  • 2) Difficulty in Determining Stock Quantity
    It is difficult to know exactly where and how much the current stock is, unless the quantity of
    stock in/out from warehouses, factories, stores, etc. is applied in real-time to the inventory book.
    In the inventory management software, the details entered by each person in charge are immediately
    reflected in the inventory book, so you can check the accurate inventory book containing the latest information.
  • 3) Dead Stock
    Indiscreet orders that do not consider current inventory can cause bad inventory.
    A drop in inventory turnover due to bad inventory adversely affects cash flow, and inventory that is not
    sold on time deteriorates or becomes out of fashion causing a loss to the company.
    Malicious inventory can be prevented in advance by using inventory management software that can
    easily calculate the required order quantity.
  • 4) Limited Stock Information Sharing
    Inventory reports made in paper or Excel files are restricted from access by other employees.
    It often happens that different versions of reports have different inventory data.
    An inventory management software is required for all managers to freely inquire and share inventory information.
  • 5) Inventory Insufficient
    If the proper inventory quantity is not maintained due to missing orders, etc., orders many not be
    shipped on time, or production schedules may be disrupted due to a lack of raw materials.
    Inventory management software allow you to easily check for out-of-stock items and respond quickly.
Virtuous Cycle of Systematic Inventory Management Software

ECOUNT Inventory Management Software

If you use the ECOUNT Inventory Management Software, the entered sales/purchase/production
slips are automatically reflected in the inventory, and you can check various inventory reports in realtime.

Things That Change When You Use
The ECOUNT Inventory Management Software

  • 1) Simply enter Sales/Purchase/Production slips and they are automatically reflected in inventory.
    Sales/Purchase/Production slips are automatically reflected in inventory book.
    More accurate inventory management is possible without the need to record inventory twice.
  • 2) Inventory reports are available in real time
    Various inventory reports such as inventory balance by location and inventory book can be
    checked immediately when needed through a PC or smartphone.
  • 3) You can easily stock in/out with barcodes
    Since you can easily enter inventory in and out by scanning barcodes with a barcode scanner or smartphone,
    you can efficiently manage even if there are many types of items.
  • 4) You can prevent insufficient stock
    Using the ECOUNT Inventory Management Software, you can receive a notification when stock is out of stock
    and automatically calculate the order quantity to maintain the proper stock to prevent stock shortages.
  • 5) Customers can place orders directly online.
    The ECOUNT Inventory Management Software provides an online ordering system that allows
    customers to place orders directly, reducing mistakes such as missing orders or inconsistency.